4″ LED Housing
Recessed Lighting
New Construction
Insulated Ceiling / Air Tight
Spec Sheet


  • Single wall painted steel can with gasket
  • Mounting frame: Galvanized steel construction
  • Three ‘Quick Connectors’ for fast and easy wiring
  • Also known as pot lights, potlights, recessed lights
  • Junction Box
  • Listed for through branch circuit wiring
  • Contains six 7/8” and four Romex plyouts with Romex cable clamp
  • Ground wire provided on junction box

Hangar Bars

  • Pre-installed Real nail easily installs in regular lumber
    or engineered lumber
  • Hanger bars are adjustable from 13-5/8” to 25-1/2” and
    can be repositioned 90 degrees on plaster frame